This website is not intended to prompt the use of alcohol. To use the goods and services on this site, you must be of legal age according to your country of residence.

These GENERAL TERMS govern the contractual relationships for purchase and sale from a distance/distance sales between Adis S Trade Ltd and the users of electronic (Internet) pages and services, located on domain and its subdomains, offered by Adis S Trade Ltd. on the Site.

These General Terms are governed by the applicable European law, and in particular the Consumer Protection Act, the Electronic Commerce Act, the Wine and Spirits Act, the Law on the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights, the Law on Obligations and Contracts, the Law on Postal services and more.


General Terms is the present document that regulates the relationship between the User and the Merchant and which is the exclusive intellectual property of the Merchant within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

"World Wide Web" or "Internet" is a set of two or more computer networks interconnected by routers and/or switches that provide data transmission between different electronic networks based on TCP/IP protocols.

"Site" is all information available through the Internet at and containing texts and images representing the intellectual property of the MERCHANT under the Copyright and Related Rights Act of the Republic of Bulgaria and which is a virtual platform for the purchase and sale of goods and serves to facilitate the agreement between the Merchant and the User with a view to helping to execute a contract for purchase and sale between them in relation to the goods offered on the Site.

"Territory" is the territory of the European Union where only and solely the services of the Site may be used. The Merchant does not deliver the goods ordered through the Site outside the territory of the European Union.

"Dealer" is Adis S Trade Ltd., a company registered in the Republic of Bulgaria, with headquarters and address of management: Ruse, 30 Isola Planina Str., registered in the Registry Agency with UIC, contact phone number, e-mail:

"User" is a sui juris adult who has been registered on the Site, with which he/she has fully agreed, accepted and undertook to comply with these General Terms regarding the purchase of the goods offered on the Site. The delivery of alcohol and spirits is made to the User only if he/she is 18 years of age, which the User proves with an identity document at the moment of delivery by the Courier. In the event that the User refuses or cannot prove that he/she is at the age of 18, the Merchant does not deliver the goods and is discharged from its delivery obligation, in which case all administrative and transportation costs are at the expense of the User.

"Registration" is a procedure for filling out data and information from the User in a registration form necessary for the purposes of the purchase and sale of goods through the Site.

"Registration Form" is an electronic form to be filled in online by the User for the purposes of the Registration.

"Personal Data" is the data and information provided by the User for the Registration of natural persons.

"Goods" are the products offered by the Merchant's Site for purchase by the User.

"Distance Purchase Agreement" or "Distance Sale" is a bilateral agreement between the Merchant and the User, which concludes the transaction for the purchase and sale of goods through the Site.

"Order" or "Online Purchase" is the user's confirmed willingness to purchase goods to be delivered by the Merchant, and this readiness is made electronically via the Site with the ultimate purpose of making a purchase or sale from a distance /distance sale.

"Courier" is a merchant who supplies the goods purchased by the User to the address indicated by the User and carries out his activity in accordance with the Law on Postal Services of the Republic of Bulgaria.

"Business Day" is the day when banks in the Republic of Bulgaria are operating.

"Non-working day" or "Holiday day" is any non-working day (Saturday or Sunday) declared as non-working on the relevant order or official holiday of the Republic of Bulgaria.

General terms

By accessing this site, you agree to be bound by these General Terms. You are obligated to observe them for the entire time of use, from the loading of the site until it is left. The Terms are valid for all users/customers, vendors, merchants, and content contributors.

The website is owned by Addis S Trade Ltd. The Owner is entitled to unilaterally change at any time these General Terms and the contents of the e-shop. Amendments enter into force immediately and become binding for all users/customers as they are posted on the site.

It is your responsibility to review them prior to use the system of a website at

Products and services

The products and services are only available online via website owned by Addis S Trade Ltd.

o The products may have limited quantities and be subject to return or replacement only in accordance with our return policy.

o We reserve the right to restrict sales to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction at any time.

o All descriptions, prices and features may be changed without prior notice, at our discretion. We cannot guarantee that the quality of any products, services, information or other materials purchased or received by you will meet your expectations.

o Please note that not all items for sale on are new and in some cases will be auctioned, mostly for antique or exhausted (limited) products.

o The product images on the site are for illustration purposes only and cannot be accurate images of the product in stock. 

Commercial Communications

By accepting these General Terms, the user/customer agrees to receive messages for information and advertising purposes by e-mail, mail, or by any other means. It is your responsibility to limit this option by declaring your desire to unsubscribe:

Terms and conditions for posting comments

o You agree that we may, at any time without limitation, edit, copy, delete, distribute, publish and use any comments you share with us.

o You agree that your comments will not violate the right of any third-country national, including copyright, trademark, or property rights.

o You agree that your comments will not contain defamatory, offensive or obscene content, a computer virus or other malicious code that would be detrimental to the normal operation of the website.

o You are responsible for the comments you leave and their accuracy. We will not be responsible for any publications you or a third party.

Purchase and sale

The contract concluded between the user/client and the site is a distance sale contract under the conditions of full payment of the product and the delivery price.

o The consumer/customer makes an order to purchase products (goods or services) to be delivered by the Merchant.

o The distance purchase and sale contract is deemed to have been concluded from the moment of confirmation of the order and its components by owned by Addis S Trade Ltd. The Merchant's confirmation is made by e-mail through sending an e-mail.

o If a product is unavailable, within 24 hours of receiving an order, we will notify the user/customer by sending a message to the email that he/she has specified.

o   Adis S Trade Ltd. reserves the right to refuse any order for legitimate reasons, especially when the quantities ordered are higher than those intended for retail customers/customers.

Taxes and Charges

Adis S Trade Ltd., owner of the website, is not responsible for any local taxes, fees and duties imposed in the country of delivery. They are the sole responsibility of the user/customer, we have no control over these taxes, and we cannot predict what they might be. Since customs policies vary widely across countries, the user/customer is responsible for all necessary actions to obtain all require permissions for the product. We advise our users/customers to seek information about their obligations from the relevant customs authorities prior to placing an order in the online store.

Upon refusal by the user/customer to pay local import taxes, fees and customs duties, customs clearance may take place by destroying the shipment. In such and similar cases, Adis S Trade Ltd. owes no indemnity to the customer.


Adis S Trade Ltd., owner of website, offers retail prices for goods and services advertised on the basis of the prices provided by our suppliers.

o The prices of our products are subject to change without prior notice, the user/customer is obliged to pay the price that was current at the time of the order.

o We are not responsible to you or to any third party for any change (price change, suspension or termination of the Services on the Website).

o The prices listed in property of Adis S Trade Ltd. are in euro with VAT and do not include administrative charges for transportation to the user/customer ‘s address.


Payment methods

All orders are processed on the day after receipt of the payment, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. If the payment is not received within 24 hours, the order is canceled.

Delivery of a good/service is made only after payment of the full amount of the order and its components.

Rights and obligations of the consumer/client

1. The user/customer has the right to view and order the advertised goods and services on site owned by Adis S Trade Ltd.

2. The user/customer has the right to be informed about the status of his/her order.

3. The user/customer has the obligation to pay the price of his/her order according to the declared method.

4. The products and services acquired through the use of this site are at the discretion and risk of the user/customer.

5. The user/customer undertakes, in the case of his/her access to, to comply with the Bulgarian legislation, the applicable foreign laws and Internet Ethics.

6. The user/customer undertakes to immediately notify for any case of committed or open violation in the use of the services provided.

7. The user/customer undertakes not to impersonate or otherwise mislead third parties as to his/her identity

Limited liability of the Merchant

1.      Adis S Trade Ltd. through does not guarantee the faithfulness, accuracy and reliability of all the materials contained on the site. All materials are for informational purposes and do not constitute advice for the purchase of the item.

2.      Adis S Trade Ltd. via is not responsible for the content of sites available through hyperlinks, links and links posted on our site.

3.      Adis S Trade Ltd. is relieved of its obligations in case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, examples of which are: fires, floods, earthquakes, wars, strikes or any other incident that causes total or partial destruction of supplies or warehouses of Adis S Trade Ltd.". In these cases the purchase contract, which connects Adis Trade Ltd. and the buyer is terminated automatically without penalty from the date on which the event occurred.

4.      Once Adis S Trade Ltd. has received the payment via, it is obliged to transfer and deliver the goods ordered for purchase within its undisturbed integrity.

5.      Adis S Trade Ltd. via is not responsible for damages caused to the software, hardware or telecommunication facilities.

6.       The Company shall not be held responsible for inaccuracy of product information specified by the manufacturer.

Right of withdrawal and return policy

The user/customer has the legal right without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods or service.

• The user/customer is required to declare his/her right of withdrawal in writing at the specified time on the e-mail address:

• The user/customer is obliged to return the received goods in the same form, intact, with the original labels, banderolls, without indications that the goods have been used, without being damaged or treated in any way within 14 days from the date of the return. 

• Upon successful receipt of the returned products and their review, we will refund the amount paid by the use/customer (fully or partially).

• The refund will be paid within 7 business days of receipt of the product returned to our warehouse.

• The refund will be done using the same payment method used by the user.

Damaged Goods

We cannot restore items that are open and/or damaged after they are received. If the delivery package clearly shows a breakdown or leakage, the use/customer should not accept the goods and should be held accountable by the shipping company.

Wrong item

If you have received a product other than the one ordered (wrong item) please let us know immediately by emailing us:

The user/customer is responsible for all delivery and return costs, except when the product is wrong.

Delivery of goods

We want you to be happy and satisfied with your order, this is our goal! We guarantee that all the products we deliver will be packed carefully to reach you in perfect condition.

o Within the European Union, delivery will take place over a period of 3-12 business days from the date of confirmation by the Merchant.

o When the shipment is delivered to a courier, you will be provided with tracking number.

o Adis S Trade Ltd. is not responsible for the shipment stopped and/or seized by the customs authorities.

o The cost of courier and transport costs is not included in the price of the goods. They are determined according to the courier company's tariffs, the user/ customer can find more information in the tariff table.

Terms and conditions of delivery

1. In the event that the user/customer is not found within the term for delivery of the said address, or there is no access and conditions for delivery of the goods within this period, Adis S Trade Ltd. shall be relieved of its obligation to deliver the requested goods. In this case, we will refund all the costs you have incurred for the product, minus transport costs.

2. When the goods are handed over, the user/customer or a third party signs the accompanying documents. A third person is considered to be any person who is not the owner of the order but accepts the delivered goods and is at the address specified by the customer.

3. The delivery of alcohol is strictly forbidden to persons under 18 years of age.

4. At the time of delivery, the goods should be carefully inspected. If your shipment clearly shows signs of damage or leakage, please contact the courier company.

5. In case of damage, theft, destruction partial or total loss, at the time of delivery the user/customer will seek compensation from the courier. Adis S Trade Ltd cannot under any circumstances be held liable in this respect.

6. All shipments may be insured up to the market price of the product.

7. The delivery period may be extended during busy periods such as: Christmas, New Year, Great Day, etc.

8. Keep in mind that we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the services provided by our shipping agents. If your shipment is delivered unacceptably late, you can seek responsibility only from the shipping agent.

9. In the event that Adis S Trade Ltd. via is unable to deliver the ordered goods for objective reasons beyond its control, the user/customer will be refunded the full amount he/she has paid for the product and its delivery.

Applicable law

Any dispute over the operation of these General Terms for the use of the Site or its breach, including disputes and disagreements regarding the validity, interpretation, termination, performance or non-performance of the parties' obligations, shall be settled by the Parties in a friendly manner. If no agreement is reached, the dispute will be referred to the relevant competent alternative dispute resolution authority of the European Community.

A court decision or an amendment to the law that makes any of the clauses of these General Terms for use of the site invalid, void or unenforceable will only apply to this clause and will not make any other clause invalid, void or unenforceable.

Personal data

Adis S Trade Ltd. through guarantees the immunity and confidentiality of the provided information and the personal data provided upon placing an order and making a registration. Adis S Trade Ltd via can use the personal data of the customer only for the purposes stipulated in the contract.


All information available through the Internet at in the form of: photography, images, text, software, interface, structure of the website design, are intellectual property of Adis S Trade Ltd. under the Copyright Law and all other related Intellectual Property Rights Ownership you agree that you will not reproduce, modify, transform, copy, sell or trade any information that is available on our site without express written permission from us.

* In the content of the online store, in order to display the products offered, the names, signs, trademark symbols of the trademarks are protected by copyright owned by their owners.

If after you have read the terms and for some reason you disagree or are unable to abide by these terms and conditions, please leave this site, this is your right.

By ticking the General Terms of Adis S Trading Ltd, the user/customer declares that he/she is familiar with these General Terms and accepts them unconditionally by bounding himself/herself to comply with them.